December 2019 was the last edition of Wagtail as a monthly paper magazine.

Village news has been moving online.

Arkholme has a well-established community email list. To join, contact Christopher May (c.may@Lancaster.ac.uk).

The Gressingham News email newsletter has been running for around five years, with almost every household subscribed already. If you are a resident of Gressingham or Eskrigge who has somehow missed the boat and would like to be added to the list, please email john@lunar.co.uk. The list is run using the Tinyletter platform which allows you to unsubscribe easily at any time.

The Whittington email list is currently being set up. Register now at tinyletter.com/WhittingtonNews and let’s make it as useful and vibrant as the established Arkholme and Gressingham lists.

And the weekly church bulletin goes out by email every weekend with information about events across the four parishes - sign up at tinyletter.com/these4parishes


The churches website is updated weekly here: www.these4parishes.co.uk

Whittington has a village website here: www.whittingtonvillage.org.uk
with an associated blog here: www.whittingtonvillage.org.uk/blog/

Hornby has its own village magazine here: www.hornbyvillage.org.uk/news/contact

Gressingham Village Trust minutes are online here

Gressingham Pearson Trust Working Group minutes are online here,
the January 2020 consultation documents (with all the latest plans, drawings and illustrations) are online here (or click the first front page below),
the fly-through video is online here, and the complete consultation documentation is online here

The Whittington and Arkholme Charities provide small grants for young people from Whittington and Arkholme aged 16+ and in full-time education: click here

Click on the covers below to read archive editions of Wagtail.