Saint Margaret's Hornby
Saint Michael the Archangel Whittington
Saint John the Baptist Arkholme
Saint John the Evangelist Gressingham
in the Lune Valley in north Lancashire

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Standard variations

Extra readings
People often have a particular reading that they would like a guest to read at their wedding. If this is from the Bible, it can take the place of the Bible Reading in the standard running order. If it is from another source, you can insert it immediately before the Bible Reading in the standard running order. You can also invite one of your guests to read the Bible Reading if you wish. The Address will always be given by the minister leading the service.

Coming in (and/or going out) to a particular song
If you would like to come in and/or go out to a piece of recorded music instead of the traditional organ music, we can accommodate this within Option 2 as long as you are completely self-sufficient - which means you have to arrange for everything that you need, in order to play the music, to be brought into church and set up, in the final hour before your service is due to begin: your own audio equipment, ready to play the pieces you want played, and someone to operate it. All the churches have 13amp mains sockets, but not always in convenient places, so bring an extension lead as well. If you need more support or advice on this, you should use Option 1.

No organist
If you are coming in and going out to recorded music (see above), and you are not having hymns, then we can run the service without an organist, at a saving of £80. Let us know at the time of booking.