Saint Margaret's Hornby
Saint Michael the Archangel Whittington
Saint John the Baptist Arkholme
Saint John the Evangelist Gressingham
in the Lune Valley in north Lancashire

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Three months before the wedding

It is now time to organise either banns of marriage or the alternative known as a Common Licence.

It is your responsibility to organise this, and you cannot get married unless it is completed in time - so do it now!

If you are both British citizens living in England (or Wales), you have the option of getting married 'by banns'.

For everyone else, Common Licence is the only option. (Common Licence is actually an option for everybody, if you prefer). Getting married 'by banns' is the more traditional method, where your forthcoming wedding is announced in church three times, both in the parish where you are getting married, and in the parish where you live. Of course if you are both living in the parish where you are getting married, you only have to have the banns called here, but do contact us to confirm this when the time comes (vicar@these4parishes.co.uk).